Kids Martial Arts


martial arts, acrobatics, music, dance...all in one

There is no better activity for your child than Brazilian Capoeira. Imagine taking your child to Karate, gymnastics, dance, music lessons, Portuguese lessons and exercise class all in one. The hypnotic beats of the Capoeira drum will keep your child engaged the whole hour, all while learning life skills like focus, respect, discipline, perseverance, loyalty and more.

Bully proof

kid's bullyproof self-defense program

Don’t let your child be a victim.! This program is designed on the curriculum of owner and best selling author, Chris Roel’s book, Ginga and Build Confidence. Non-violent¬† Conflict Resolution Plan, Rules of Engagement, Standing Defense, Ground Defense, Headlock defense, Full Nelson Defense, Bear Hug Defense, Tackle Defense, and so much more to build confidence in your child to assert him/herself and walk the schools with safety.

Brazilian Capoeira MMA

kids MMA

The only Brazilian Capoeira MMA program in the United States, and only 1 of 2 in North America. After the Bully Proof Self-Defense program, this program is next level. Students will learn Brazilian Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Brazilian Capoeira, and other martial arts. This is no ground and pound cage fighting. Your child will how to handle themselves standing and on the ground. Mix in some acrobatic confidence and watch your child become an amazing spectacle of MMA and tricking. Don’t forget that all of our kids programs are based on our core martial arts values: Focus, Respect, Honor, and Discipline.

Toddler capoeira program

little guerreiros (warriors)

Wait List (call to reserve)

The Little Warriors Toddler Program starts at 2 years of age and spans until age of 4. The program is in 6 month cohorts with only 8 per group. Classes are 30 minutes, perfect for the mini attention span. Animal movements, body control, acro, kicks, functional movement and music time. There is not other complete activity like Capoeira for your tot. Waiting list available. Next cohort starts first week of January and spans until last week of June. Award ceremony with our older students. Truly magical program.

Brazilian percussion

drums and traditional instruments

Your child will learn percussion as they navigate through our belt system in our toddler, kids, and adults Capoeira programs. Awesome! I know.