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Our Mission

To improve lives through Brazilian style Martial Arts, athletics, and fitness. Life improvement starts with a physical transformation, then spreads to your confidence, energy levels, and pursuit of personal goals and life vision.

Capoeira changed my life. When I lost my job, house, inusrance, and my family’s securtiy in a fiery car wreck, I invested in myself and clawed my way out of my hole. I lsot 30 pounds, started my own business, became an author, and then a 5 time best selling author. Now, I help people all over the world through my books and online training programs. I credit it all to my physical transformaton, more energy, and hanging around a better circle of positive, goal orientated people. 

That was my story…what is going to be yours?

Chris Roel Owner

adult brazilian capoeira

This is our traditional Capoeira program, martial arts, dance, acrobatics, Brazilian Portuguese, self-defense, and percussion.

This class is for adults only, although our age requirement is 14. We have several 12 year olds who have the maturity and focus that attend this class. If you think you and your child can be in this class, just ask. This is on a case by case decision.


This is the only Brazilian Capoeira MMA  program in United States. And 1 of 2 in North Amercia…

This program integrates Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Brazilian Chute Boxe (kickboxing), Muay Thai, and Boxing into a self-defense based program that torches calories and builds strength & confidence like no other.

Don’t worry this is a family friendly  program that is completely safe. We will safely stair step you from fundamentals to advanced level.

capoeira fitness

Currently we have classes at 5:30 am, 6:00 pm, and 7:00 pm. We offer group high intensity  classes, fitness challenges, personal training, diets and nutrition.

  • High intenstity Low impact Training
  • Fun cardio, you won't realize your doing cardio
  • Half Capoeira fundamentals, Half circuit training

So Many People Dread Going To The Gym Because It's Boring, and You Just Don't Know What to Do!

We have specialized instructors who are trained to help you get results. We want to help you feel good about yourself, build your confidence, and Self-Esteem!

Here are a few positive changes you will see when you start training with us.

  • Improve Your Health
  • Learn Self-Defense
  • Be in a Positive Environment
  • Relieve Stress
  • Make New Friends
  • Learn Martial Arts

You can get started with our 30 Day Free Trial! We’re so confident you will our program, and that it will help you get in shape, that we even want to give you 30 Days For FREE!

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